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Why Go for Water Jet Cutting Services

The services of water jet cutting are extensively applied in building and engineering spheres to cut many different types of materials. Water jet and laser jet cutting differ in more ways than one. Knowing these differences is going to help you, whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, to choose the cutting method that is best suitable for your particular needs.

Water jet cutting makes use of some highly pressured water jet for cutting through materials. This extreme level of pressure, which can be up to 60,000 psi, can be generated whenever water is forced through a very small opening. A substance called garnett is supplemented to the water in order to improve the abrasion and further augment the cutting performance.

The outcome of the cutting action can be compared to water cutting through the earth by nature, creating river beds for many, many years, except that it is completed more speedily and accurately.

This type of “abrasive cutting” can effectively cut through a large assortment of materials and thicknesses, which gives it a cutting edge over laser jet which the range of materials an thickness it can effectively cut through is quite limited.

It can cut through aluminum, bronze, titanium, steel and other metal alloys, and also ceramics and stone like marble and granite, composites, fiberglass, and concrete to name only a few.

The thickness can be to a maximum of 8″ and tolerances between 0.005″ to 0.010″, as determined by the material.

Heat is not applied when water jet cutting is done, and so it’s ideal to materials that can be damaged, if not adversely affected whenever heat is applied. Because it doesn’t harm the material’s structural integrity, it is ideal for cutting plastic or wood, and other types of materials that laser cutter is unable to cut effectively.

Because the lateral and downward pressure performed whenever cutting through the material is almost negligible, this means there are no more fixturing expenses or further hassles.

It is important to choose the exact cutter to use whenever you have an engineering or construction project because it can save you time as well and money, plus the unnecessary expenses that usually comes with replacing a sheet or else a length of material because it was not cut precisely.

When you are not sure which option will work best for your particular needs, it would be wise to consult with a water jet cutting company since they are more knowledgeable and they can better establish which option is going to be well-suited for your explicit needs. If they tell you that water jet cutting will work for you, then perhaps you should heed their advice.

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