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Factors to Consider in Buying a Whole Home Generator

The benefits that you can get by having a generator is very clear. It allows you to use your home appliances when the power is down by providing you a source of electricity. In other words, it keeps you feeling comfortable indoor even during storms.

But there is more to buying a whole home generator than just finding one that suits to your budget. Please read on to learn of some tips n buying a whole home generator.

Tips in Buying a Whole Home Generator

Home generators generate different ranges of power (in watts). This means to say that the power of generator is measured in terms of the number of appliances that you can run through it at the same time. This will then require you to identify your needs before you buying. Your refrigerator, for instance, can run in 600 watts and your portable heather in between 750 to 1,500 watts. Basically, you do not live life as it is when there is a storm and run all of your luxury appliances at once. By setting your priorities, you will know what type of generator to buy for your home.


Generators for the home come in three general types: standby generator, portable generator and inverter generator. The nice thing with the home standby generator is that you do not need to take it to many different areas in your home and it functions automatically right after a power outage. But then hire the right person for the installation process to avoid complications. The portable generator, on its part, is ideal when you will need an alternative power source in different places, not just in your home. You can also save energy with them. The inverter generator, of course, will be more efficient and it produces less emissions. This kind of generator will be more expensive however.


Generators can be parted from each other in terms of the feature that they do have. Even when it’s good to have all the features in just a single generator, it does not always happen. It is for this case that you have to make sure you are clear on what features you want your generator to offer. Automatic start and multiple outlets are among the best features any home generator can possess and offer. Spare a bit of your time to do a research in order that you can be made aware of the different new features that home generators do offer.

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